We will not conduct a census in 2023; GSS denies reports

 The public has been warned by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) not to deal with anyone or any agency that claims to be recruiting officers for this year's census through any portal.

"These corrupt people are supposedly advancing the said counterfeit enlistment entry via web-based entertainment and are deluding/captivating clueless individuals from the general population to pay enrollment expenses to them," the Help said in a public statement on Tuesday, Walk 14.

It was noted that the people have created a fictitious portal to pursue their agenda.

The press release stated, "Members of the Public are hereby informed that GSS HAS NOT launched any recruitment campaign for any 2023 Census."

“It is essential to keep in mind that population and housing censuses are decennial, taking place every ten years.

Given that the most recent Population and Housing Census (PHC) was conducted in 2021, "as a result, the next census is anticipated to be conducted in 2031."

The Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES) Phase 1 and Ghana Living Standards Survey Round 8 (GLSS8), the Service stated, have opened a recruitment portal.

Despite this, it stated that it has not authorized any organization or individual to conduct recruitment on its behalf.

It said its true entrance is utilized for such purposes.

Anyone caught "in the illegal act of using the name of the Service for fraudulent recruitment operations will be handed over to the Ghana Police Service for prosecution," according to the Service's management.

"Members of the public are also urged to report anyone who has collected money from them with the intention of securing them jobs with GSS via the helplines and email address provided in this release," reads the release.

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