The legendary Alfa Romeo Alfetta is coming back as an electric hatchback.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato stated in an interview with the Italian magazine Quattroruote that he wants to bring the wedge-tastic Alfetta back to the market, though perhaps without the edginess that distinguished the original. If that happens, a device like that would only run on electricity and fit into the tiny sector, where the Alfa Romeo Tonale just made its debut.

Imparato declared, "Alfa Romeo's C-segment won't only be the Tonale. "What I want to do is an Alfetta," he said, adding that if it went into production, it would look "quite cool". That's wonderful news because the elegance and dynamics of the old GT and GTV models were valued equally.
The Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 Alfetta F1 car was given the Alfetta name, which means "little Alfa" in Italian. However, it later found a home in a variety of production cars. Alfa introduced the Alfetta sedan, also known as the Berlina, in 1972, but it's the hatchback GT and GTV models that have long been remembered by car fans. They could be had with a variety of motors, including a 1.6-liter four-cylinder, a 3.0-liter V6, and even a 2.6-liter V8. For the current renaissance, however, which is only anticipated to appear in the second part of the decade, none of that is in the cards.

Although specifics were not provided, it is most likely that the Alfetta EV will be built on the same STLA design as Lancia's native country's upcoming Delta electric hatchback in 2028.
Regrettably, a hatchback rarely sells well in the United States. But, Alfa has been quite clear about its desire to create vehicles that can be sold all over the world, so there is a chance that this can work for our market in some way.
Imparato acknowledges that adding a new electric hatchback to the lineup may be difficult, but he also asserts that an Alfetta would follow a "very European formula" and represent a "exception to the product plan." Every year, a new model will be introduced as part of Alfa's medium-term product plan; these models have already been chosen. This suggests that the announcement of an Alfetta comeback might not happen soon.

According to Imparato, Alfa Romeo will decide on its product strategy for 2028–2030 in September. The Alfetta's fate could potentially be decided at this time, but even so, the earliest it could arrive is 2028. But there is still hope. Imparato has previously expressed his desire for the return of the GTV moniker, and whether it takes the form of a coupe that competes with the BMW i4 or a rival to a vehicle like the Volkswagen ID.X, it appears that Alfa will finally have a wider selection of vehicles than just a single sedan and a few crossovers.

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