The 24-year-old millionaire boasts of his opulent lifestyle but denies being "materialistic."

 Despite owning a supercar, only wearing designer clothing, and having millions in the bank, an entrepreneur who describes himself as a "regular guy" asserts that he "isn't materialistic."

Dominik Gossweiler travels the world in a private plane on a daily basis, leading a life of opulence that few people can even begin to imagine.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur, however, claims that "money hasn't changed" him and that he is in business "for the game" despite his financial success.

Dominik, who has 48,400 followers on Instagram (@domgossweiler), stated to, "I am not affected at all by my money."

"The luxury is very nice, but I'm just a normal guy, and being wealthy hasn't changed anything. I'm not in the least bit materialistic.

I still enjoy eating normally and doing the usual things, but my bank account has more zeros. I wouldn't be particularly affected if anything happened.

"When you have the opportunity to leave a legacy, why not take it?" "I just love the entrepreneurial game." Dominik attributes his "grounded" persona to his Christian faith, which he uses to fund e-commerce ventures and his company, 3CC Group AG, which teaches others how to do the same.

The businessman, who is from Switzerland and currently resides in Zurich, spent the majority of his childhood in Chad, where his father was a doctor and Christian missionary.

When he was just three years old, his family emigrated to Africa and relied on donations from friends and family to survive. Seven years later, they returned to Europe.

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