Tesla's FSD Will NOT COMPARE TO Ultra Cruise

More information on General Motors' planned Ultra Cruise driver assistance system has been released, including the capability to operate the vehicle hands-free in 95% of situations. The Cadillac Celestiq, a hand-built, $300,000 luxury electric car, will feature Ultra Cruise for the first time in 2024. With a special sensor suite that offers a 360-degree picture of the vehicle, it will improve upon the already great Super Cruise.

In order to ensure that the driver is paying attention to the road, Ultra Cruise-equipped cars will contain more than 20 sensors, including cameras, radars, and LiDAR, all of which are controlled by a brand-new processing system. By "sensor fusion," these technologies come together to provide a precise view of the area around the car. GM is taking no chances when it comes to safety.
"Safely deploying these technologies is GM's core strategy for all ADAS features, including Ultra Cruise," said Jason Ditman, GM's chief engineer for Ultra Cruise. "Understanding when to use Ultra Cruise and when to give the wheel back to the driver will be made easier with a thorough understanding of what Ultra Cruise is capable of and the thorough image presented by its sensors. We think drivers' confidence in Ultra Cruise may grow with continuous, transparent operation."

Ultra Cruise should work on almost all paved public roads in the US and Canada, but Super Cruise only functions on a select few roadways. These consist of narrow city streets, small-town streets, and country roads. Over-the-air updates will gradually improve the software's functionalities.
Only extremely rich consumers will be able to experience Ultra Cruise at launch due to the Celestiq's exorbitant price, but GM claims it will make the technology available to "more customers on more vehicles, in more locations, at more pricing points." It is possible that Ultra Cruise will be the most complete L2 Plus driving system available if it performs as well on local roads as Super Cruise does on interstates.

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot is the first L3 system in the US, and while Tesla's Full Autonomous Driving Capability cannot be used hands-free, it will initially only be accessible in Nevada at speeds up to 45 mph.

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