Real men who do well in bed don't talk about it; only weak men brag about it, according to Nana Agradaa.


Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, the leader and founder of the Heaven Way Champion International Ministry, has cautioned young women against men who boast about their sexual prowess.

After a sexual encounter with a woman, only small boys go around kissing and telling, according to the controversial Evangelist.

“I am telling you the fact that any man who goes around telling other men that they slept with another woman and had three rounds or ten rounds is only lying,” he said. She pointed out that these men are powerless.

Agradaa was of the opinion that the genuine men who were actually good in bed were silent about the matter when she was condemning the actions of these loud mouth men on social media.

"The ones who can control like my significant other, Akwasi Koranteng… the ones who do the genuine occupation are quiet," she said.

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