In honor of Women's History Month, Ford releases a special edition Explorer for men only.

Ford has developed a hilarious film about a fake new Explorer special edition named the "Men's Only Edition" in honor of Women's History Month.

It may seem strange to release a special version for males during a celebration of the fairer sex, but the tongue-in-cheek video soon makes sense. "For the first time ever, we've fully redesigned the vehicle," says a velvety smooth man's voice. "Introducing the Men's Only Ford Explorer, which has no rearview mirror, heating, turn signals, or windshield wipers. Are you serious? Oh, all the parts made by women are absent."

Sadly, even in 2023, the automobile business is still seen as a boys' club, making it difficult for women to enter the field despite the amazing skills and abilities they may have. Despite this, many people are innovators and improve the automotive landscape.
This movie demonstrates how women have played important roles in the development of the motorcar by coming up with practical solutions that males didn't consider. Ford salutes the innovative automotive work done by women in the past, present, and future during this Women's History Month.

Mary Anderson created the windscreen wiper in 1902 as a result of observing streetcar drivers continually getting off to clear snow from the windscreen. You can credit Margaret A. Wilcox for the invention of the automobile heater if you're commuting on a chilly morning nine years earlier.

The first automatic signaling arm, a forerunner to the turn signal we use today, was created by a Hollywood doyenne. Regrettably, Florence Lawrence is said to have never received official credit for the idea and never had it patented.
The rearview mirror is credited to Elmer Burger, who filed a patent for it in 1921, however the idea dates back to 1909. Women should "carry a little hand mirror in a convenient place when driving," according to Dorothy Levitt, who advised them to occasionally hold the mirror up to look behind them while in traffic.

Without Gladys West, a trailblazing mathematician whose satellite geodesy models were incorporated into GPS systems, the Global Positioning System (GPS) would not have been conceivable.

The previous year, Infiniti collaborated with Waze to highlight historical sites related to women's history and draw attention to women-owned businesses.

Fortunately, the "Men's Only Edition" won't be available for purchase. Thankfully, the standard Explorer is still in production and includes all the significant innovations made by women.

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