I wanted to die for my child to bury me, not the other way round – Father of slain soldier.


After his son was killed by a soldier, Sherrif Awudu's father, Imoro Awudu, said that he trusts the Almighty God to decide everything.

He stated that it had always been his wish that his children would bury him when he passed away rather than him.

"I had also said that I should die first so that my children could bury me," but this has now occurred. During his son's funeral, Imoro Awudu told TV3 that "God will take care of us." He said, "I leave everything in the hands of God."

During the burial, the mother, Afia Kyeraa, also stated that she has lost everything following her son's death. She also told TV3 that "it is not easy for me, I can’t help, he was all that I got, he was supposed to take care of his siblings, but he is gone" and that "he was my hope." She didn't do any work other than selling tomatoes. He vowed to deal with his kin."

The remains of Imoro Sherrif were moved to the Burma Camp cemetery in Accra for burial from the mortuary at the 37 Military Hospital.

He was laid to rest on March 9 of this year.

In order to attend the funeral of their departed colleague, who was 21 years old, a number of soldiers were present.

On March 4, Imoro Sherrif was brutally murdered.

On Tuesday, the Military High Command authorized an intelligence-led operation to locate the criminals.

During the course of the operation, a number of civilians reported being subjected to brutal treatment.

In armored vehicles, soldiers stormed Ashaiman, but 184 people were ultimately captured and turned over to the Ghana Police Service by the Military Police.

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