Hyundai Releases 2024 Kona Electric Powertrain Specifications

Hyundai has released information about the upcoming 2024 Kona Electric's engine, which will only be available as a front-wheel drive vehicle but will have two battery pack options and a maximum output of 215 hp.

Two derivatives, named Standard Range and Long Range, will be made available. The former generates 154 horsepower and 188 lb-ft of torque while using a 48.4 kWh battery. Hyundai makes no mention of the model's stated range. The latter's larger 65.4 kWh battery provides power. The output is increased to 215 horsepower while the torque stays the same.

Based on WLTP testing, Hyundai claims the Long Range model can travel 304 miles on a single charge. We believe the EPA figures will be less remarkable, but it's safe to assume the newcomer will surpass the previous model's claimed 258 miles.
When connected to a fast charger, the Kona Electric, according to the automaker, can recharge from 10% to 80% in 41 minutes. Notably, the Ioniq 5 can accomplish the same task in just 18 minutes.

Thanks to the ingenious i-Pedal and Smart Regeneration System, driving in congested city traffic should be advantageous. Using the i-Pedal, drivers can adjust their speed, slow down, and stop completely by pressing only the accelerator pedal. It functions in conjunction with the Smart Regeneration System, which modifies regenerative braking based on information about forward traffic.
The capability of vehicle-to-load (V2L) is yet another excellent feature. Users can charge electric gadgets inside and outside of the Kona Electric. For instance, if the car is parked at home, it can power neighboring electronics and appliances, which comes in handy in case of an unforeseen power outage.
The new Kona Electric has standard battery pre-conditioning, which will ensure correct charging and greater range performance in subfreezing temperatures, which will gratify customers in cold weather locations. The charging port has a lamp for better sight and may be opened even when frozen.

We recently got a close-up look at the outside and interior of the Kona Electric, which as we well know gets distinctive aesthetic accents. The Kona is one of the largest vehicles in its class, according to Hyundai, who has more to say on this front. When it comes to occupant space, this pays off.
A 104.7-inch wheelbase should provide adequate front and rear passenger space. Height is 62 inches, and width is 71.8 inches. With a total length of 171.4 inches, it is still fairly small.

The headroom for passengers is 39.9 inches in the front and 38.2 inches in the back.
Legroom in the back might be as little as 36.4 inches, but in the front, it can be as much as 39.9 inches. Kona Electric, which is retiring, is outmatched on practically every level.

The Kona provides up to 17.4 cu ft of packing space when the frunk is added. Despite the fact that some amenities, like the head-up display, won't be made accessible in North America, owners will still appreciate the high specification levels. The over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, several driver safety assistance technologies, LED headlights, and a Bose Premium sound system are what customers may anticipate.
The power figures mentioned above are for European models, so there is still a chance that a more potent version will eventually be released for the American market. The Kona Electric and the rest of the range should make their debuts later this year.

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