‘Decision of the court an unfortunate travesty of justice’ – Tiger Eye P.I reacts to verdict on defamation suit


The decision made by a High Court judge in the defamation suit against Kennedy Agyapong has been characterized as a travesty of justice by the investigative organization Tiger Eye P.I.

This follows the Court's 2018 dismissal of the defamation suit for lack of merit.

Making sense of their situation, the organization, in a proclamation delivered on Wednesday, Walk 15, showed that the court laid out that Mr Agyapong maligned analytical writer Anas Aremeyaw Anas who documented the suit.

Nonetheless, the court directed by Equity Eric Baah, notwithstanding the confirmation vindicated the Assin Focal MP of any risk in a "odd turn", they added.

“We consider the court's decision to be a regrettable travesty of justice that is extremely harmful to the administration of justice and fairness. The statement continued, "Mr. Agyapong made an allegation of murder against Mr. Anas, if for no other reason at all."

"There is absolutely nothing in the aforementioned documentary that suggests Mr. Anas committed a crime or has committed a crime." Therefore, no conceivable justification can be found in that documentary for an allegation of murder.

Tiger Eye private investigator noticed that the appointed authority "helpfully" overlooked the way that Mr. Anas is certainly not a suspect in a homicide and isn't being scrutinized for homicide.

They added that Mr. Agyapong showed disdain and disrespect for Anas' lawyers and the court throughout the trial. However, there was no success in citing him for contempt.

They stated, "This case travelled through the hands of three judges, with Justice Baah being the latest assigned to the case at Kennedy Agyapong's express instance."

Tiger P.I. stated that they are committed to fighting corruption and will continue to do so for the country despite losing the case.

Background In 2018, Anas Aremeyaw Anas sued Kennedy Agyapong for defamation after the journalist, among other things, called the journalist a blackmailer, corrupt, extortionist, and evil on live television.

Mr. Anas said in the suit that the Assin Central MP who wrote the investigative piece "Number 12" about corruption in Ghanaian football also published materials to discredit him and his work. One of the main subjects of the documentary, former Ghana Football Association President Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi, received a 15-year ban from all football-related activities.]

Mr. Anas had noted that the Assin Central MP not only incited the public against him, but that this also damaged his reputation as an acclaimed investigative journalist.

The journalist was suing for GH25 million in damages, among other things.

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