Consumers don't Want A Z4 M, So BMW Won't Make One.

The latest G29 generation BMW Z4 Roadster will not have a M variant, CarBuzz learned during a recent driving session. Michael Wimbeck, the Z4 Head of Project, declared that there was no market for it. The public stated that they would rather to wait for an M2 Convertible. Regrettably, a drop-top M2 is also out of the question.

BMW previously produced M versions of the Z, including the Z3 and Z4, but did not do so for the E89-generation vehicle. The German manufacturer never produced a fully-fledged M variation, but the sDrive35is model, which is powered by the same N54 engine as the 1 Series M, came close. For this current automobile, the 382-horsepower M40i version will be the quickest one available. It should be suitable for most drivers, with a 0-60 mph pace of just 3.9 seconds.
The Toyota GR Supra, which shares a base with the Z4, and a number of BMW models employ the same 3.0-liter turbocharged B58 inline-six engine, as does the Z4 M40i. BMW would have to squeeze the twin-turbocharged S58 engine from the M3/M4 and X3 M/X4 M into a Z4 M. Although it may seem like a simple task, the brakes on the S58 engine differ slightly from those on the B58 on which it is based.

BMW's M Integrated Braking System, which makes use of a small module, is a feature of the S58. This allows the M models to regulate their brakes more precisely and offer two pedal feel settings. For a car that already sells in limited volume, fitting the S58's braking system beneath the Z4's hood while simultaneously accounting for cooling adjustments proved to be too much work (just 1,567 units in 2022). Given that a manual-equipped M3 accelerates to 60 mph slower than the Z4 M40i, the S58's more power is unlikely to have significantly enhanced the Z4's performance.

Obviously, this information puts the rumored Supra GRMN with the S58 engine on hold.
BMW claims a manual transmission is currently "under discussion" for the Z4, even if the Z4 M is no longer an option. Wimbeck added, "We helped Toyota with the manual on the Supra, and BMW might employ the same transmission. As Wimbeck stated, "all-wheel drive would not fit," the facelifted convertible will initially only be available with an eight-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels.

BMW opted to add Thundernight Metallic as a paint option for 2023 after it first appeared on the 2 Series Coupe. The purple color has both supporters and detractors, according to Wimbeck. Customers demonstrated that the take rate was significantly greater than anticipated, so we reasoned that since it is an extroverted hue, the Z4 would be the ideal fit.

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