Carbon fiber is used to upgrade the Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica.

The Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica sports a modest body upgrade made by Novitec that enhances the already stunning supercar's appeal. The package doesn't alter the Lambo's magnificent V10, but by giving the rest of the car the carbon fiber treatment, it raises the car without getting in the way like some other tuners' kits tend to.

Yet, this new Tecnica kit is more in line with the German tuner's brand than recent ambitious undertakings like raising the unusual McLaren Elva to new heights and trying to make the Tesla Model Y look less like a rolling blob.

The specially designed aerodynamic kit allows the driver to add their own modest design cues and also gives the car a bit more power. The majority of it, most notably, has the possibility to be made entirely of naked carbon, creating a lovely physical contrast.
They began at the front, where the fascia was left as-is, but a new trunk lid with built-in air vents was installed to increase the car's stability at high speeds. Going down the sides, sportier rocker panels have also been installed, giving the vehicle a more commanding posture and improving rear brake cooling. After that, the side mirrors were swapped out for their own design, which is basically only available in bare carbon fiber.

The wheels, which come in 72 hues, have been changed to 20 inches in the front and 21 inches in the back in collaboration with the US business Vossen. The 245/30 ZR high-performance tires on the front and 325/25/ZR 21 tires on the back are mounted on six-spoke Novitec NL4 wheels that were precisely engineered to fit under the wheel arches and increase the car's grip.
After that, a Magneto suspension lowers the car by around 35 millimeters. If a customer would rather have a Novitec aluminum coilover suspension, the company also provides it. This technology may lower the car by 35 millimeters if required and has 14 customizable levels for dampening at any speed.

The company is supplying high-performance exhaust systems with available active sound management in either stainless steel or INCONEL, which is inspired by F1 cars, even if the car still "only" produces 640 horsepower. If you want to go really beyond with heat management, the INCONEL model can even be fitted with 999 fine gold plating.

The interior can subsequently be furnished with any type of interior the owner chooses, thanks to Novitec's capacity to truly accommodate its clients' preferences.
Although the price wasn't specified, it is likely to vary greatly considering that it can be customized. The kit not only looks excellent but is also highly coherent with the Huracan's original design. We wouldn't be shocked to learn that this was a factory option for the automobile. We advise businesses like Mansory to make some notes.

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