Within the first two years of the Mahama administration's-Alabi


According to Professor Joshua Alabi, who was in charge of selecting the nomination forms on behalf of former President John Dramani Mahama so that he could run for the flagbearer position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ghanaians will begin to notice signs of economic growth within the first two years of Mr. Mahama's administration if he wins the general elections in 2024.

He stated, "Under the leadership of John Mahama, you will see signs of growth within a matter of two years; we will first stabilize economic growth [and] the NPP will never see power again."

"We are here to pick up the forms for his HE John Dramani Mahama," he continued. You are aware that this nation is experiencing extremely difficult times; the economy is in disarray, people are suffering, and, in a nutshell, people are pleading with the NDC to return.

He stated, "It is time for the flagbearer to deliver the 2024 elections. The NDC has gone through all of its structures and elections."

He went on to say that "leadership matters because Ghanaians are asking for a well-experienced leader." Experience, previous accomplishments, humility, love of people, and belief in people-centered policies are all essential qualities for effective leadership. The country, fortunately for the NDC, has someone like that.

We are here to select his application, work for him, the NDC, and the Ghanaian people.

On Tuesday, February 21, Mr. Mahama informed the Minority caucus of his intention to run in a meeting held in his office in Accra. In advance of the May 13 primaries, the largest opposition party opened nominations on February 22.

Forms have been selected so far by Kojo Bonsu, three-time presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama, and one Ernest Kwaku Kobeah.


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