Will Ghanaians choose a dead goat over an elephant that is limping? Owusu Bempah inquires

 Mr. Owusu Bempah recalled that millions of children did not have access to senior high school education during the Mahama administration because their parents could not afford it.

However, the free SHS program has enabled 5 million disadvantaged children to attend school under the Akufo-Addo administration.

Again, he said, businesses were hampered by a power outage during the Mahama administration, but President Akufo-Addo has solved that issue.

He went on to say that while President Akufo-Addo spent $289 million to construct four of them—the Pokuase, Obetsebi, Tema, and Tamale interchanges—Mr. Mahama spent $ 280 million to construct the Circle Interchange.

On Wednesday, February 22, Mr. Owusu Bempah responded to Mr. Mahama's selection of nomination forms for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer position in an interview with 3news.com. "We all know our political history, what has Mahama got to offer the people of Ghana?" he asked. As VP, as an overseer president and the sitting president, for six-year he ran the economy like a gambling club economy. His primary legacy was dumsor, a nightmare for every Ghanaian that resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

When there was no global crisis, the economy was on its knees, with a GDP of 3%.

“We handed over an economy that had discovered commercial quantities of oil; GDP was approximately 14% when we left power; however, when Mahama took over prior to 2012, GDP dropped to 3.5 percent GDP, which demonstrates how he stifled growth. This is the economy that the NDC left, with terrible results across the board.

 “The ordinary barber, the hairdresser, and the trotro driver suffered, we were not in a pandemic yet this was the growth, it was terrible under NDC,” the US imposes sanctions on Turkey in response to the offensive in Syria. The Cedi depreciated by 14.5 percent in 2013 and by 31.3 percent in 2014—we're talking about the dead goat here. I am daring them to come and tell us that it is wrong because the majority of Ghanaian industry collapsed under the NDC regime, from the PNDC to the Mahama NDC.

“Under Mahama, the interest rate in the banking sector ranged from 35 to 40 percent. There was no crisis, and corruption was the norm. Mahama institutionalized corruption in this country. They made corruption a part of our body politics to the point where the leader himself was involved, such as the Kanazoe fiasco, the Airbus scandal, and Isofotone. The $280 million contract to construct the circle interchange was given to a company that was named by Bloomberg and the New York Times as one of the most corrupt businesses in the world.

The Ghana, Obetsebi, Pokuase, Tema, and Tamale interchanges were constructed with $289 million under Akufo.Under the social democratic dead goat, children from low-income families were unable to receive free education. Because they are poor, parents are unable to send their children to school. Over 5 million children have had access to SHS education since the NPP took over, albeit under a limping elephant.

"The energy area, the obligation they left before they left power is totally unfathomable. By signing the ENI Sankofa contract, they made Sankofa gas the most expensive gas in the world that the average Ghanaian currently pays for. Therefore, they are the ones who discuss increasing debt. Ghanaians ought to be prudent because Mahama is only coming for four years—he was six years old—and this is his legacy. Will they choose a dead goat over an elephant that is limping?


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