Vaccine shortage: Muntaka considers Agyeman-Manu's absence from Parliament to be disrespectful.

 Muntaka Mubarak, an Asawase MP and a member of the Health Committee, has criticized Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman-Manu for failing to appear before Parliament to address the vaccine shortages in some parts of the country despite being invited and receiving follow-up calls.

Mr. Muntaka stated that the Minister's behavior smelt of disrespect.

"The Minister of Health being invited to the Committee of Parliament, he himself being a Member of Parliament having in mind the provisions of the 1992 Constitution and the ranking member following up with even a call a week before the meeting, and the matter in question is the time that elsewhere Parliament would invite the minister within 24-hours and he has to appear because of its urgency," he stated.

“Now, you have a minister of health who, in my opinion—for want of a better word—disrespectfully refused to accept the committee's invitation.

“It reveals how he is running the Ministry. It is unfortunate that a lot of the government's actors act as if they are doing the citizens a favor by occupying those offices rather than attending to the ministry's urgent needs.

"Everyone at this table is very aware of how important the expanded immunization program is; everything else can wait, but not the expanded immunization program because of the six or so deadly diseases. If you don't get immunized within a certain time, you put all of us in danger because the children will miss it and you can't easily fix it."

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