​The world of Technology is advancing and our youths especially the young ones are lagging behind. This idea was brought up by a National Service Personnel named Wilfred Adonu, who is currently doing his service at Ve-Deme D/A JHS in the Afadzato South District of the Volta region. 

When he got the the school, he found out that the learners are equipped with ICT learning Materials but could not have full knowledge about them. With consultation with the headmaster of the school, he was granted access to introduce learners to IT.

Wilfred Adonu was able to lure all the teachers there to buy his idea of complementing IT knowledge into all subjects to impart the 21st Century skills in learners.

Nonetheless, this service personnel was up and doing and was granted the position of  Lead of the ICT Department.

Per the interview by INPIX MEDIA GROUP, he said, "It's my dream to impart into every Lerner the idea, power and the ability to compete with other IT conscious school despite inadequate Technology logistics. I was given the honor also to lecture Teachers and Head the importance to add IT to subject teaching." He is still improving and inculcating into learners the will and zeal to become IT knowledgeable people in the future...


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