Let's discuss the allowance for girlfriends.

The issue of girlfriend allowance is one social media topic that will never go away. When I found out that something like this existed, I was shocked. When did our nation arrive here? Finding out that men have a budget for this made my shock even greater. Where are these men, I've always wondered? How are they located?

Is the woman or the man the one who came up with this idea? If the man is the one, when does he decide that his girlfriend requires it? What sum of money are we referring to here? Or does more money come from deeper pockets?
We could always use that extra money, especially if we didn't have a budget for it. However, this allowance—is it a token of appreciation or a way to say thanks to my girlfriend for being my friend? Some men pay their partners' bills and even pay their partner's rent, but what about a girlfriend allowance? It still surprises me.

After doing some research, I discovered that a man pays his girlfriend a sum of money to help her cover her monthly expenses. This is similar to a salary, but you haven't worked for it. Isn't the world becoming increasingly fascinating? Keep in mind that the man in this picture is not necessarily your man; rather, he is a man with whom you kind of have something going on.
A man who subscribes to this school of thought claimed that he was doing it to show his appreciation for her and to watch her engage in the activities that she enjoys. He earns less than she does, but he is happy about it. I asked men if they would be open to this, and their responses varied.
Is it possible to pay your girlfriend an allowance?
Sam said that her parents can take care of her if she has particular needs without him having to step in. He lacks the financial resources to do so.

My companion Kim uncovered that assuming he is monetarily stable, he wouldn't see any problems with giving his sweetheart the recompense. Without her asking, he would want to give it freely. I also believed Kenyan men to be unromantic in this regard. Can an "Amen" be heard?
"I would, if I had the money, because this will greatly assist her in running her errands. You are aware that our women occasionally require money but cannot request it. In addition, it will demonstrate your appreciation for your girlfriend if you give her the money.
Gideon is also of the opinion that women ought to be paid something, but it all depends on where you stand as a couple. How significant she is to you and what she has done for you: If you aren't a drug lord, you can't just wake up and pay her. I'll give it to her if she's worthy. I won't if not."
Sam, who is against the idea, says that he supports empowered women and appreciates their hard work in many ways. However, giving her a regular allowance would make her believe she is entitled to his money.

Brian maintains that a woman who works does not require an allowance because she is able to provide for herself. However, he will contribute to her care if she is unemployed, but not in the form of a girlfriend allowance. He asserts that entering is not necessary.
I am unable to provide a allowance to my girlfriend. That is incorrect on numerous levels. Relationships are being viewed as business opportunities here. An occupation is not being a girlfriend. What am I purchasing? a connection? Love? Or am I making her mine by paying for it? It makes no sense." Says Kevin.
He went on to argue that you could pay her the allowance and she would still cheat on you or, worse, give someone else a bigger allowance.

Should Your Man Allow You To Be His Girlfriend?
I learned from my conversations with men that most of them don't mind giving their wives a monthly allowance, with the exception of those who think it's extortion. I asked the ladies if they were okay with getting it, and the majority said they were fine with it as long as the guys were okay with it as well. This demonstrates how much women do not place a higher value on money in relationships than men claim.
A man is not required to provide you with a girlfriend allowance. This is for strong men. We cannot deplete every man seeking an allowance. The majority of men have no head above water. Lola asserts, "It is not far-fetched, but it is not for everyone."

Joy isn't sure what to make of the allowance story, but she thinks that money for maintenance and the salon should at least be provided, even though it's not required.
Malika does not support this because she believes that the man will exert control over you and that if he asks you to reimburse him for the money he spent on you, things might not work out well.
Women must have an independent mindset when entering relationships or agreements. The man will provide, but he will also tie you down. You won't be able to do everything you used to or go out as often. How many women have died as a result of deteriorating circumstances? Or does the guy think you're having an affair? Because they believe they own you, they will harm you. It is pointless."
This seems to be the most foreign thing Lilian, my friend, has ever heard. Although I cannot relate, I believe it should not be considered an allowance. I believe that it is acceptable for me to earn more than my partner and for him to occasionally take me out. Love is the foundation of relationships, and a man's primary love language ought to be provision. It is acceptable for him to meet my needs. It does not have to be distributed as an allowance. It seems restrictive to me for men."


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