GSS reports that the PPI for January 2023 decreased slightly to 52.1 percent.

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) reported on Wednesday, February 22 that the Producer Price Inflation (PPI) for the month of January 2023 decreased slightly to 52.1 percent, down from 52.2 percent in December 2022. The average prices of goods and services domestic producers receive for their production activities is known as producer price inflation. In comparison to the December 2022 rate of 73.4%, the PPI in the Mining and Quarrying subsector decreased by 5.3 percentage points to 68.2% in January 2023. Inflation in the extraction of crude and natural gas was 59.6% in January 2023, which was down 23.3 percentage points from 82.9% in November 2022. From 67.1% in December 2022, mining of metal ores increased to 4.7% in January 2023. In the Manufacturing subsector, the PPI decreased by 11.0 percentage points to 53.3% in January 2023. Mining support service activities also recorded the lowest inflation rate, at 44.9 percent. Inflation rates in 10 of the 23 major groups in the manufacturing subsector were higher than the sector average of 53.3 percent. .

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