Cheating is part of marriage; psyche yourself up for it – Empress Gifty

 Empress Gifty, a gospel musician, is the most recent to discuss marriage cheating.

The singer of "Aseda" sees cheating as a part of marriage.

In a recent interview, she stated to Accra FM that admitting that the act is a part of marriage will spare many couples from heartbreak.

Gifty made the observation that "what I can say is that, if you are a married man or married woman, cheating is part of marriage."

You will become insane when that happens to you if you don't keep that in mind. You see, your husband is not the Holy Spirit. Don't think of your wife as the "Hail Mary." No. Recognize that your partner is a person. Consider divorce in the same way that you considered your wedding,” she continued.

She said that it's easier to forgive a partner who has already mentally prepared for bad things like cheating.

If you see it as their weakness, you can forgive. Because the marriage will not survive if you don't love their weakness, "she added.

Hopeson Adorye, one of the most prominent members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is Empress Gifty's husband.

Marriage implies cheating; Prepare yourself for it: Empress Gifty Mr. and Mrs. Adorye's 2014 divorce from Prophet Elisha Osei marked the end of her first marriage.

She claims that the divorce caused her a lot of pain because she was depressed and had other mental issues.

She claims that some bloggers and gospel musicians played a role in her divorce.

I confided in some gospel musicians, and they went behind me to kill me. Through various phone numbers, these people would send my ex-husband false information. She stated, "These were people who had the worst marriages but went out to ruin my marriage."

Gifty and Hopeson Adorye, on the other hand, have made numerous public declarations of their undying love for one another. 

“You are my last stop and I love you the way you are,” Hopeson Adorye said to the gospel singer on her birthday the year before.

On December 28, 2019, they wed.

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