Because my girlfriend made fun of her, my sugar mama kicked me out of her apartment.


DKG, a 27-year-old man on Date Rush looking for love, talked about how he dated an older woman and kept a young girl on the side.

DKG, who started out as a cleaner and worked his way up to become a waiter at the same restaurant, ended up making a lot of money when he started dating a woman who was older.

Until he met the girl he wanted to marry, everything was perfect. DKG says that he told his young girlfriend about his plan with his older lover, but she did the unthinkable.

I met a girl I liked while I was dating a sugar mommy. So I told my new girlfriend everything, and she agreed. In any case, she pivoted to take the lady's contact and call and affront my sugar mummy. As a result, the woman had to force me out of her rented apartment.

After that, he had to share a room with a friend for about two weeks while he saved up money to buy a new place to sleep.

He shared his experience and advised against pursuing a sugar mummy, which he compared to going to jail.

"It's not easy because it's like you're a television and she will always control you. However, you will receive the benefits and money that come with it. I won't suggest anyone join. It's like being locked up.

Belinda, on the other hand, gave DKG a second chance at love at the end of the night.


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