Apple may be the target of an antitrust complaint from the US Justice Department.

An antitrust lawsuit against Apple is apparently being drafted by the US Justice Department. The American tech juggernaut may or may not be sued, according to the Justice Department. It's anticipated that the lawsuit will be brought by the year's end. The Justice Department launched a wide inquiry into the conduct of significant digital technology companies in 2019, and Google was later sued in October of that same year.

The US Justice Department is reportedly in the early stages of crafting a prospective antitrust complaint against the American computer giant Apple, according to a recent Politico story. The report also stated that the department's antitrust section hopes to launch a lawsuit by the end of the year, citing a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation.

If Apple will be sued, the US Justice Department has not yet made that decision.

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The US Justice Department said in July 2019 that it was initiating a comprehensive inquiry of significant digital technology companies to see whether they participate in anticompetitive conduct.

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The Justice Department then filed a lawsuit against Google in October 2020. The $1 trillion (about Rs. 79,95,900 crore) American IT behemoth was charged with illegally impeding competitors with its market power.

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