Abesim sêrïal k!llêr begs for forgiveness; asks judge to grant him freedom to train and join Black Stars for World Cup [Video]

The man fingered as the Abesim Serial killer, Richard Appiah appeared in court today to answer some questions as an investigation into the mûrdęr of some children in the Abesim municipality continues.

While in court, the suspect who according to Angel FM’s report had never spoken asked for the platform to address some issue and was given the chance by the judge, Her Ladyship Ama Adomako.

While speaking, he begged for forgiveness and freedom to train to join Ghana Black Stars as the 2022 World Cup in Qatar nears.

He told the presiding Judge, Her Ladyship Ama Adomako he is a good footballer and he wishes to be freed to play football but his request to do so has been rejected severally by the prosecutor.

According to Richard Appiah since his arrest, he’s been begging to be given the chance to train but all his pleas haven’t been granted.

He begged the Judge to speak to the prosecutor to allow him the freedom to train.

Richard Appiah was specific that he wants to train at the El Wak Stadium and within a few weeks, he will be in good shape to play for Ghana Black Stars.

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